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  Rami-Rami is way cool , she is a vey inspirational artsist and a great friend:)
I love her art ,it is so full of life:)  We also did a picture swap which is on my wall now:)
Grins ,Thanks Rami!
Rami©her player


 Kylee-Ummm, what can I say about myself-chuckles , I  love art and love sharing:)
Kylee©his player

Whiteshpeherd- Have you ever met someone and just know who they are and how they feel, well this is that someone that I know and relate to on so many levels. "Hugs"
Whiteshepherd©his player


Cheetah-Cheetah is a very nice fur, Christmas was coming up and I thought it would be a nice suprise to send him a picrure of himself:)
Cheetah©his player


Purrts-I saw Purrts artwork long ago when I first found Furrymuck© and we chatted and did a picture swap which was wayyy cool! I admire his art and skill.
Purrts©his player

Spectrum- I met Spectrum and he is a very cool Artic Fox, Chuckles, You ought to see him climb into his freezer for a pizza. He is very unique Fox all the way around:)
Spectrum©his player

Spectrewolf- He is a very special fur, kind and generous and always up for a good conversation.
Thanks Spectrewolf for being a great  friend:)
Spectrewolf©his player

Trevelan-He is a mysterious wondering soul that is torn between heaven and hell and at constant turmoil to walk the grey line, very nice guy- His calm in the middle of his inner storms is what I tried to capture:)
Trevelan©his player

Xianjaguar- I met her in the art room and saw her beautiful work, I had to try and capture her spots- chuckles. I look forward to seeing more of her art!
Xianjaguar©her player

Tigerwolf- I met Tigerwolf  and was amazed at how nice and kind he is, he runs his own server and has furry gatherings all the time. I was honored at a chance to capture him:)
Thanks Tigerwolf  for being a really good friend.
Tigerwolf©his player

   Ogg - I have to say that Ogg is one of the craziest furs on FurryMUCK. He told me no one would draw him. Well, from his description alone, I had to give it a try :) So here is the Pea Green Monkey for everyone to enjoy. I hope you like my rendition of Ogg.
                                                Ogg © his player

Rakh and Kylee - Rakh is a wonderful fur to know.
He has helped me so much with my art and technical stuff.
We always have wonderful conversations and 'taur tackles and tickles, he is a true friend.
Rakh © his player
Kylee © his player

   Silent Red - Red is a very nice fur ... her art is awesome, too. I wanted to do her in a unique style, kind of anime-ish. I think it turned out pretty neat.
                                              Silent Red © her player

   Silent Red and Kylee - I drew my future self, Kylee100, fighting alongside Red. What can I say, I was inspired.
                                              Silent Red © her player
                                              Kylee100 © his player

   Redwulf - I bumped into Redwulf and we both decided to explore FurryMUCK. It was awesome - I met a lot of new furs and saw so many new places. Thanks a million, Redwulf!
                                               Redwulf © his player

   Scotty and Kylee - Scotty is a very special friend on FurryMUCK. His 3D designs and genius mind make wonderful conversations and interesting stories. This little Canadian Fox has a lot going for him. The picture is of me peekin over his shoulder asking questions (as always) and having a few laughs.
                                                Scotty © his player
                                                Kylee © his player

   Sonarr - A friend on FurryMUCK. I wanted to try my hand at her costume. I think it turned out pretty cool.
                                               Sonarr © her player

   Syvel - Bombur helped me create a game for FurryMUCK players. We hid a silver paintbrush and the fur who found it and brought it to me would receive a free drawing. Well, Syvel found it, and here she is. :)
                                                Syvel © her player

   Tygger and Kylee - Tygger is an inspiration -- her art is awesome and she always has time to discuss art techniques. She doesnlt even get mad when I run around the room and pounce her fluffy tiger tail. I always like to see what she's drawing, and as you can see, I like to peek at her art ... thanks, Tygger! Here's a hug!
                                               Tygger © her player
                                                Kylee © his player

   Ulrik - I met Ulrik on FurryMUCK and he shared his Coke with me. A very nice fur, so I had to draw him.
                                               Ulrick © his player

Zeph - Zeph was a very cool fur to meet on FurryMUCK. He liked the way I drew, so I couldn't help myself.
                                                Zeph © his player

TuTail- I was challenged to try and draw this most interesting of pugs, I had never drawn a pug before so it was an nice chance to:) I think it turned out pretty cute- grins.
TuTails©his player

Swiftwing-  I just met Swiftwing and found out he was drawing a picture for me, so - I thought I would do the same for him:) Hugs isn't she cute!
Swiftwing©his player

Nakira- What can I say, I was amazed when I received an email from Nakira saying that he liked my work. I have always loved Nakira's art and watched in amazement as he rendered picture after picture of beautiful and compelling pieces of artwok.  Thanks for being there for inspiration!
Nakira©his player


Gryphon  a very cool and nice fellow that just happens to be a griffen and a cook all rolled into one.
Gryphon©his player

Maskedwolf  is a very nice fur who happens to be a punk wolf or err ska punk, or ermm something like that.
Check out that mowhawk!
Maskedwolf©his player

Vincent I promised him I would draw him long ago- sheepish grin.
Oh well at least he is done now:) Hugs Vincent.
Vincent©his player

Silverwolf - Is one of the furs that I met long ago.
I remember him being nice and had a good wit.
We recently decided to do a art swap! Here he is in all his photoshop glory- chuckles.
Silverwolf©his player

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